We Buy Damaged Fairings and Fuel Tanks

We Buy Broken Fairings

We purchase broken fairings and tanks. We also credit broken fairings toward you balance for services and products purchased from us. Typically it does not make sense for us to purchase fairings that require shipping. Shipping can be as much or more than our price for a broken fairing. So we do not typically buy fairings that require shipping to us. However, if you are sending us some repair work and you have broken fairings as well then it make sense to include those parts in your shipment as we will credit you for each piece individually and this can dramatically reduce your cost. Please see our Shipping page for info on the shipping process.


Bulk Purchasing

We are always looking to purchase damaged fairings in bulk from shops, clubs, businesses, riding groups and other organizations. If you are interested in selling us your damaged plastics and fuel tanks in bulk (20 pieces or more) and would like to speak to someone about the details of this process, please send an email to fairings@msrecycle.com


What parts typically qualify for purchasing?

While we do actively pursue purchasing fairings and fuel tanks there are some minimum requirements that must be met for us to consider the investment. We do not purchase aftermarket fairings in any condition; OEM fairings only. We rarely purchase spray painted fairings and in the odd exception the value of the fairing will be low. All spray paint must be removed before paint and therefore the time required to repair spray painted fairings is excessive. Fairings that are missing pieces may still qualify for purchasing. Damaged fuel tanks are also ok as long as the dents are not overly crushed / dented and the metal is not creased due to the impact. Everything has to be repairable without excessive time and effort. Of course that means we need to make a determination for each part being considered. Please send pictures of all your damaged pieces for sale to fairings@msrecycle.com with a parts list that includes year make model and color codes if possible.


Payment Information

Typically our payout schedule ranges from $5 for small or heavily damaged fairings to $40 for rare and/or minorly damaged plastics. Typical payout is $20-$25. Fuels tank can range from $25 for poor condition to $75-$100 for rare and/or minorly damaged tanks. Payout for them is typically $50-$60. Keep in mind that we have to invest enough time, skill and materials to make the purchase profitable. Repair materials include items such as paint strippers, expensive fillers and high grade sand paper as well as primer, paint, clear coat, finishing products as well as many different high cost solvents. In the highly competitive fairing market the margins for pricing refurbished fairings are limited. Therefore we have definite limits to what we can pay for a given fairing regardless of what it is. Payment is made immediately upon receiving the parts. We issue payment in 3 ways. For local face to face sales we pay cash. We can also issue payment through paypal or a check. If you are interested in selling your plastics or setting up a bulk or reocurring purchase please email chris@msrecycle.com or fairings@msrecycle.com and we will respond between 24 to 48 hours.