Text Us For a Fast Reply: 302 381 7161



We work in a noisy environment! The best way to contact us is to text the business cell phone at 302 381 7161. You will get the fastest response via text and we usually respond right away between 5AM and 7PM 7 days a week. Phone calls are rarely answered becuase we are all worker bees usually in a noisy painting environment that requires respiratory gear. Email is a great way to get in touch with us and we will respond to you as early as the same day but no later than the following morning: quote@msrecycle.com

In other words, text and email are perfered methods and receive quickest response - text being the faster of those two. Phone is the least desirable since we do not check voice messages and are rarely in a position to answer the phone in our noisy caustic environment. For our establish customers we do occasionally call or answer the phone is it is prearranged to clarify discussions or resolve a problem.