MS Re~Cycle Shipping Info Page

Updated June 18th, 2014

We now have a shipping option available! In today's high-speed everything environment most of us cannot afford to be spending large amounts of time and gas to repair our luxuries. You can now ship your parts in need of paint and/or repair to us. You must pay shipping both to and from our location. We strongly advise that you purchase shipping insurance. It is only a few dollars when using USPS whom we recommend highly. We have a 2 part process designed to ensure that you will be happy with with your purchase before your work is returned to you. You are e-mailed pictures that impeccably illustrate all of the stages of the work especially the end result. We also have an impartial inspector who is very familiar with judging paint jobs. When the inspector has checked off on the panels we then return your motorcycle skins to you. We try to return all parts to you in the same boxes and packing they were sent to us. So, please make sure you do a good job packaging them up when sending them out. Every freshly painted part is first covered in a protective wrap to avoid surface damage and then packed tightly in a box labeled "fragile". We insure all our packages on the trip home for their full retail replacement value.

For Estimates under $400 (not including shipping) we require payment in full before or by the package arrives to us in Essington PA. $400 and above require a deposit of 50% of the estimate also to be paid by the time it arrives at our facility. This is important as we use it to cover job specific materials. Completed orders will be shipped within 24 hours of completion or in the case of partial payments, as soon as the balance is paid in full. We prefer paypal but can accept personal checks with the shipment if absolutely necessary. Cash for local transactions is fine.

Any damage during shipping must be photographed immediately along with the packaging and the box. The pictures must then be e-mailed to us with explanation of the damage in the e-mail. USPS will send someone to your location to investigate the damage. As soon as they have investigated we will have your damaged parts picked up at our expense and return to us. We will pay for pick-up and return shipping and immediately repair and return the damaged part(s) to you. We return all of our work with USPS because they are the online shipper that still uses good old human begins to handle the packages. Machines cannot read and understand a label, "Fragile".

118 Bartram Ave in Essington PA, 19029. Please be aware this is a residential address. This may be important information required by some shippers. This location is used for shipping and receiving only. It reduces our and thus your cost by avoiding renting a warehouse and staffing it full time

We do not have a large area of dedicated storage space for completed work. Parts go directly to our shipping area/dept. as soon as they are completed. Storing completed parts is problematic. If we are holding onto completed parts, they need to be kept in an area that does not produce dust or paint / overspray or have high traffic as to avoid damage to the new finish. All parts must be paid for in full (and picked up if they are not being shipped) within five business days of completion. We understand that problems do occur but if you do not contact us and work with us then this is the course of action we must take. Beyond 7 business days we will move the parts into long term storage which is $7 per day our cost. The parts will be held in storage until the parts are paid for or the cumulative storage fee supersedes the amount due. At that point ownership of the parts is automatically forfeited and they will be sold. Its a shame to have to do this but it has become necessary.

Please e-mail to schedule your repair work and to receive your quote. For any questions send inquiries to