MS Re~Cycle Returns / Exchanges

Updated June 18th, 2014

For paint services only I will repair any shipping damages or finish problems so that the part will be as expected, meaning if the quality is not as promised for any reason, it will be fixed and re-shipped. All parts that have paint issues should be sent back and will be corrected immedialtey and shipped back as fast as possible. Labels will be provided. If I have a part to work with in my poession that will suffice as a replacement then we can crossship. I'm flexible, so while it is rare, unexpected things do happen and I'm alaways anxious to make sure my customers are happy in the end.

For special orders and custom paint work, the same concepts apply. Exchanges are the preferred option as no custom painted parts that I supply are elligible for a full refund. Cores and materials are none refundable for obvious reasons for custom paint work. Again, case by case and a mutual agreement is the ideal solution since this is a unique circumstance for each person and part it really is impossible to quantify the exact procedure. The most important thing to know is that I am interested in providing you what you wanted even if it has to be addressed miltiple times. Fortunatley painting a part twice is very rare and a 3rd time has never happened.